Website Design and Development

We build fully responsive clean looking search engine ready websites for all budgets

Responsive, Clean expertly developed

Our approach to website design is flexible even down to the flexible payment systems we offer allowing you to get better value for money.

Given the fact that up to 65% of the population regularly access the internet on mobile devices it’s vital that your website is easy to access both on large screens and view and read on smaller handheld screens.

All our websites are built search engine ready with simple ease of management, so you can make changes to your website when you need to – or if you like we can even do that for with our fully managed service.

The development process

During the initial design stage of the website we need to know what you want the website to do for you. Will it promote products, services or just be there for information, do you want to sell from your website or maybe generate sales leads or collect email contacts?

We will need to learn about your operation to know what is best for you, we need to know who your customers are and how best we can target them. All this is done in our initial consultation with you.

Who is your audience?
Young, old, corporate or a mix of everything?
What do you want from your website?
What is the purpose of the site? Sell, promote, advise or blog?
Know the Enemy... Competitors?
What you like and dislike about their websites and how we can be better?
Keeping up appearances
Will your website need maintaining, who will do it and will it need future scalability?